What is worship?


I bet that if you were to ask that question to 5 Christians, you’d get 5 different answers. Some might say that it’s a service that takes place at a certain time of the week. Others may point to the “music” that we sing and say that something is more “worshipful” if it fits a certain style.


But, what is worship? Is it bound to a certain day? Is it contained in a certain song? Not at all.


You see, worship is not confined to a day or limited to a song or type of music. Instead, worship is ascribing “worth” to God. It’s primarily concerned about God and lifting His name up, not about how we feel or what we would “like.”


Furthermore, this isn’t something that only takes place on a certain day or at a certain time, but it is to be the lifestyle of the believer. Can you worship in your home or in your car? Can you worship on Mondays or Thursdays? Absolutely!


My prayer for us is that we grow to be 24/7 worshippers of God, realizing that worship is about glorifying God alone.

Pastor Nathan Olson