Living Word Missions

One of the highest priorities for Living Word is a recognition that God is working outside of our walls. Instead of being inwardly focused, our desire is to be outwardly mission minded and pray for and financially support those who are proclaiming God’s Word to the end of the world.

Missionaries we support:

Jonathan and Tamba Abel

Pastor Jonathan and Tamba began serving in Brazil with AFLC World Missions in 1992.  They are working in the city of Maringa. Maringa is about an hour drive from our seminary and Bible school in Campo Mourao, where Jonathan also teaches on a regular basis.

Steve and Glenda Kvale

Steve and Glenda Kvale are serving the Lord through Wycliffe Bible Translators a. Their primary task is to assist in the work of translating God’s Word so that all people can read God’s Word in their own language.

Micah and Famke Berger

Micah and Famke have established their training base in Karenga. Karenga is in the north-eastern corner of Uganda next to Kidepo Game Reserve. His ministry has focused on Bible teaching and disciple making through the Ambassador Institute of Uganda.

Nate and Rhoda Jore

Nate and Rhoda Jore and their children, Elijah, Judah, Hannah, Jeremiah, Julia and Evie Mae are AFLC missionaries to Uganda, East Africa. Nate and Rhoda arrived in Uganda to begin the work there in the fall of 2006. They continue by ministering to the people and working with the training of pastors and leaders of the churches.

Ben and Adela Jore

Ben and Adela Jore serve the Lord through Distant Shores Media and their goal is to provide good teaching and training material to those in need around the world at no cost.

Jonni Sliver

Jonni Sliver was commissioned in 2010 as a missionary down to Brazil. She serves at the Miriam Infant home and the campus Bible school and seminary in Brazil.

Matthew and Ednay Abel

Matthew and Ednay have been serving in Brazil.  They are working at the ARCA and with the Brazil churches. In 2018, the World Missions Committee resolved to expand our work with the AFLC of Brazil to include Paraguay by sending Matthew and Ednay Abel there to plant congregations.

Michael Rokenbrodt

Michael Rokenbrodt serves in Uganda. He is a seasonal missionary, meaning he will be on the AFLC mission field for only part of each year. From January to May, he will be teaching pastors and church leaders with our other Ugandan missionaries. During the remaining part of the year, he will be employed at Luther Island Bible Camp and doing deputation. He has worked at this camp annually for 12 years and wishes to continue his involvement in their ministry.

John and Hannah Lee

John and Hannah Lee are new missionaries to Brazil and are looking at how to best encourage the expansion of the kingdom of God through church planting ministry.

Andrew and Alexis Olson

Andrew and Alexis Olson are missionaries to Tanzania through Lutheran Bible Translators. They will be working on the island of Ukerewe and bringing the Word of God to the people there for the first time in their own language.

Paul and Becky Abel

Since 1985, the Abel’s have established four churches in the metropolitan area of Curitiba, as well as the Brazil ARCA retreat center, where they continue to serve the Lord.

Todd and Barb Schierkolk

Pastor Todd and Barb Schierkolk began serving in Aguascalientes, Mexico in March, 1996. The Schierkolk’s have started exciting ministries with kids and families. This is of the most successful ways they have found to reach people. The Schierkolks, continue the work of reaching out to families and the planting of AFLC Churches.

Brent and Emily Raan

Brent and Emily are new missionaries to Uganda with the call to plant new free and living congregations there. Their first year will be spent building relationships with the leadership, national workers and people that live and work there. They also are learning the culture and adjusting to their new way of life.

Josh and Ruthie Wagner

Josh and Ruthie are working with Lutheran Bible Translators to take the Word of God to the people in Sierra Leone.


Women’s Missionary Fellowship

Women’s Missionary Fellowship (WMF) is dedicated to the support of missionaries throughout the world by means of:

  • Prayer
  • Financial support
  • Material support
  • Fellowship

As partners in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the WMF is committed to easing the burden of our missionaries, petitioning God for the safety, effectiveness and peace of all our missionaries around the world, and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do.